In the season three finale, we were left with the complete and total destruction of the Warehouse and the deaths of three characters; Agent Steven Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) at the hands of Walter Sykes (Anthony Michael-Hall), and Mrs. Fredric (CCH Pounder) and H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray) in the Warehouse explosion. Hidden in the depths of the Warehouse was Pandoras box which, when cracked opened, drained all humanity of all known hope and starting Artie (Saul Rubinek) down his long road of darkness.

Season four begins with a crater right where the Warehouse formerly stood. Pete (Eddie McClintock) , Myka (Joanne Kelly), Artie and Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) set out on a mission to find an artifact that can rewind time and save the Warehouse. Stealing Magellans’ astrolabe from Brother Adrian (Brent Spiner), Artie uses it to turn back time twenty-four hours and prevent the destruction of the Warehouse, bringing back Mrs. Fredric and H.G Wells. However, he could not go back far enough to save Steve. The use of the artifact, as usual, comes with a price. As Brother Adrian explained to Artie, the astrolabe would unleash “an evil that will follow him for the rest of his days.” Having lived the same day twice, Artie’s personality is now split, causing him hallucinations and a vision of Claudia killing him with a dagger. As Artie’s darker personality slowly takes over, he begins destroying every relationship he has. First with Claudia, then Pete and Myka and ultimately killing Leena (Genelle Williams). As a means of ultimately destroying himself, he finds and releases a Chinese Orchid which contains a plague that will kill all of humanity.

With the loss of her partner and friend, Claudia’s darker side also emerges. Bent on finding a way to bring her friend back, she searches the Warehouse archives for an artifact to aide her. Finding a metronome artifact formerly used by Walter Sykes, she uses it on Steve, bringing him back to life. Once again the use of an artifact does not come with out a price. Claudia and Steve are now linked by the metronome and any injury to Steve causes immediate harm to Claudia. Following the advice of a poem found in the Warehouse, the pair set off to Steve’s childhood home in New Jersey to separate Steve from the metronome and make a “pure start from whence one comes.” In the effort to free Steve, his mother becomes entrapped in the metronome. In a selfless act to save her life, Steve destroys the metronome without knowing if it would kill him as well. This is the “pure start” that allows him to live without the aid of an artifact and for him and Claudia to be linked no more.

Continuing questions:

  • Can Artie overcome his darkness from killing Leena?
  • Will Artie and Claudia’s relationship be salvageable?
  • Is Claudia ready to take over as caretaker of the Warehouse?
  • Are Pete and Myka now the “Second ‘A’ team” behind Steve and Claudia?